Health and Beauty News: Find some calm with these meditation techniques

Peace and calm: Wind down at the end of the day. Credit: Shutterstock

Let it all out

ARE you feeling the stresses of life? Having problems winding down at the end of the day?
Then try these simple mediation exercises.

Body Scan
Ease tension after a long day.
Find a comfortable position and take time to find your calm, steady breath. Become aware of sensations in your body, and begin slow breaths focused on each area. Start with your left toes and left foot, left ankle, calf, knee, thigh and up to your left hip. If you notice tension, breathe into it, relax on the exhale. Now the right side. Then up to the pelvis, abdomen and lower back, moving up through the torso and heart. From there your fingers, hands, wrists, up the arms, through the shoulders, neck, jaw, temples, ears, eyes, forehead, and skull.

Mindful Breathing
Practice twice daily to develop focus, attention, clarity and calm.
Sit comfortably with a straight spine and find a slow breath. Count when you exhale and inhale from one to ten e.g. inhale one, exhale one; inhale two, exhale two.

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Upon reaching ten, begin again but count down to one. When you’ve completed this cycle five times, maintain breathing at this calm and consistent pace, for two minutes, imagining your breath flowing through the respiratory system and realising its connection with your body.


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