Facebook: Love it or hate it?

If you ask someone whether they like marmite, the answer will be either “I love it” or “I hate it”.

Unfortunately, Facebook has that same marmite factor. People love it and trust it or they completely loathe it and wouldn’t dream of using it. There is no in-between. Many of those who say they wouldn’t use it have never used it and have no idea just how useful and fun it can be. Personally, I love marmite on my breakfast toast and I can ‘t get a big enough dollop of it on my knife, and I also love Facebook and can’t see why people have a problem with it.

During the long and boring weeks of the lockdown, Facebook enabled me to keep 10,000 people informed of the latest developments in my local area with regards to law changes and lockdown procedures. It gives people the chance to advertise for free, when their businesses are opening. Where I live, it helped to return two pet parrots to their owners and find a lost cat and two dogs. I called bingo live across the world with 200 different people playing at once. I have held quiz nights live, via Facebook live, for up to 150 people. One day, using “Facebook live” my cabaret partner Barry Pugh set up a page called “Drag up for Lockdown” and we performed a free Dragtastic show on Facebook and over 15,000 people watched it.

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So, please, someone, tell me what is so bad about this useful tool. As far as I am concerned Facebook and social media helped many people through a very lonely and boring time. I don’t use any privacy settings on my page. It is open to anyone to read. It is quite easy, however, to set your security so that only your closest friends can see what you write. You can also set things up so that only people you allow are able to contact you at all. You have complete control over what you do. Why am I writing this? Well, I just feel that so many people are missing out on something that can bring so much joy into their lives. In the beginning, I was one of the haters. Not anymore. Facebook is a part of my daily life and I LOVE IT!


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