Emirates Fires 700 Cabin Crew and 600 Pilots as Dubai’s Luxury Airline Also Suffers the Burden of the Coronavirus Crisis

Credit: Twitter

The national airline of Dubai, Emirates, is the latest airline to suffer the burden of the coronavirus crisis, as it has announced it will be firing 700 cabin crew and 600 pilots.

THE coronavirus crisis has proven that it does not differentiate between borders and after the virus single-handedly shut down a large proportion of the travel industry, Dubai’s famous high end and luxury airline, Emirates, has also had to make some adjustments.

Preserving a steady cash flow has been one of the hardest aspects for airlines, especially since all cancelled flights have a right to be refunded. This makes conserving liquidity for the airlines an extremely difficult task.

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Emirates announced, “we at Emirates have been doing everything possible to retain the talented people that make up our workforce for as long as we can. However, given the significant impact that the pandemic has had on our business, we simply cannot sustain excess resources and have to right-size our workforce in line with our reduced operations.”

Nevertheless, the Dubai-based airline has slowly begun to reschedule its international programming and continues to offer flights from, Toronto, Chicago, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Sydney and Melbourne.


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