Cosmetic Store in Spain’s Madrid Shut Down For Selling Beauty Creams Which Caused Burns

Dangerous Creams: Woman reported a burning sensation after buying this toxic make-up remover. Credit: Policia Municipal Madrid

The Municipal Police in Madrid has shut down a cosmetic store for selling dangerous beauty creams which caused burns when applied.

THE operation to take down this business, which was operating without a licence and creating hundreds of ‘beauty products’ with unknown substances, began on June 5 after police received a citizen complaint.

The victim reported that she had bought a make-up remover cream at a shop in the Usera neighbourhood, on Calle Nicolas Sanchez in Madrid.

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When she applied the cream, she noticed a strong stinging sensation which she then realised were burns on her eyelids.

The officers went to the establishment to search for the cream and found a long list of infractions were being committed by the Chinese-owned business.

There were dozens of suspicious containers with unknown solvent contents and false brands. When police asked for justification of where the products were bought, the owners could not provide it.

Given the number of infractions, police were forced to shut the shop down whilst analysing the creams to verify if they were toxic or not.


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