BREAKING NEWS: Ryanair will resume flights to and from Andalucian airports in Spain from July 1

EWN speaks directly with Ryanair passenger.


RYANAIR, the number one airline in Spain, will resume more than 110 routes to and from Andalucian airports starting July 1 as part of Ryanair’s 2020 summer calendar. Some of the connections will be available from June 21.

According to Ryanair’s web traffic data, the desire to return to travel after the lifting of part of the travel restrictions is getting stronger. Spain is among the most sought after holiday destinations by European tourists.

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Ryanair resumes its flights between Andalucia and Europe to allow travellers to discover the beauty of southern Spain, through its impressive beaches, its Mediterranean cuisine, as well as its traditions, culture and history. In addition, Spanish customers will be able to enjoy a long-awaited holiday in both national and European destinations.

Ryanair’s summer 2020 calendar in Andalucia will operate 43 routes to Sevilla, 69 routes to Malaga, five routes to Almeria and two routes to Jerez.


The company is proud to be able to operate at four Andalucian airports and hopes to bring in millions of tourists who will help boost regional economies and protect thousands of jobs. Susana Brito, PR & Communications Manager of Ryanair for Spain and Portugal, stated: “We are delighted to resume operations with more than 110 routes to and from Andalucia from July 1, 2020, as part of our 2020 summer calendar. Some of the connections will be available from June 21. We are very proud to return to operate our routes this summer, contributing to the recovery of the regional economy and the tourism industry and facilitating the reunion of family and friends, but in turn, moving millions of tourists to enjoy the artistic heritage and cultural landscape of Spain and Europe.


  1. Why then did Ryan air cancel my daughters return flights but left her and her family flights outbound from Manchester??? So they can fly over but not fly back ! Madnesss


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