Man in Costa del Sol Forces His Ex and Kids to Move from France to Benalmadena Only to Lock Them Up

Locked Away: Ex-wife and kids forced to move from France only to be locked up at home.

A 30-year-old French man is currently under arrest in Costa del Sol for the crimes of domestic violence and illegal detention after he allegedly forced his ex-wife and children to move to Benalmadena.

THE ex-wife, who is also of French nationality, and her two children which she shares with the detainee, a three-year-old and a four-year-old, were reportedly “forced to move to Spain” against their will.

According to police reports, the detainee had stolen her documentation and phone in order to ensure she would not escape.

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Police officers in Benalmadena went to the home, where the woman and children were locked away, after receiving information from the French Interior Office.

Upon arrival, they arrested the man who, according to his ex-wife, has a troubled history with the law in France due to crimes of domestic abuse.

He is currently at the disposal of the Torremolinos Courts of Justice and has been issued a restraining order.


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