Madeleine McCann Was Killed Soon After She Was Kidnapped, Says German Prosecutor

Could Madeleine McCann still be alive? CREDIT: Twitter

Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters who is heading the investigation into Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner has said he believes she was killed “relatively quickly” after her abduction.

Mr Wolters revealed the information as he issued a fresh appeal for information surrounding the case.

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Brueckner is suspected of kidnapping Madeleine from her family’s Praia da Luz apartment in Portugal on the night of May 3, 2007. Wolters believes that Brueckner abused Maddy before killing her not long after he snatched her from the McCann’s holiday home.

However, German prosecutors have admitted they lack the “crucial evidence” of her body to charge the 43-year-old suspect.

Hans Christian Wolters fears that Brueckner will go free before there is enough evidence to charge him in the McCann case, and then leave the country.

Mr Wolters commented: “The sooner we get evidence, the better for us to avoid the risk of him ever being released.”


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