Important Warning to Residents on the Costa del Sol Who Plan to Install a Portable Pool in Their Homes This Summer

Important Notice: Seek advice from a professional before installing a portable pool. Credit: Shutterstock

The College of Architecture in Malaga is warning residents on the Costa del Sol about the dangers of installing a portable pool this summer.

Given that the coronavirus has infringed upon most aspects of life in Spain, pool and leisure time has also been affected.

Kids and parents alike are eager to cool off in the pool this summer and this has been reflected in the upsurge of portable pool sales.

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For many, the use of community pools seems like a risky option especially considering the copious amounts of rules and regulations that are attached to their use.

Installing a pool in your back garden may seem like the perfect idea, however, if you plan to install this on a terrace or roof you must be cautious as this could be very dangerous and result in an accident.

The dean of the Architectural College, Francisco Sarabia advises that before installing a pool on a roof or terrace you seek some advice from a professional.

Sarabia explains that many roofs are only equipped to withstand a water weight of 200 kilos per square metre, which would be equivalent to a 10 or 20-centimetre-high layer of water.

Although the pool itself is relative lightweight, the water inside it can cause an overload to the structure that it is resting upon.

Sarabia insists that before installing any pools on rooftops or terraces you seek advice from a professional as not doing so could result in a very dangerous accident.


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