Fuengirola supplies social rental homes for families in need on the Costa del sol

Community support: Mayor, Ana Mula hands over the keys to one of the rental homes. Credit: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

ON Tuesday. the Mayor of Fuengirola, Ana Mula, handed over the keys to the sixteen social rental homes to as many low-income families in the town, as well as those of the shared home for nine over 60s, within the Social Housing Plan that the local institution had started. All of the homes are located on Calle Salvador Rodríguez Navas, where the Town Hall has used just over a million euros to build a property in which to provide a housing alternative to these two vulnerable areas of the Fuengirola population.

“We live in difficult times, so this project, which we started a little over two years ago, has become more necessary than ever. Today we give a push to sixteen families in our town who are going through a bad economic time and who need help to find a way for them to get ahead again. In order for them to succeed, they will have the support of their Town Hall offering them a roof at an affordable price.” explained Mula.

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