France’s daily Covid death toll continues below 100 for seventh day in a row

Eiffel Tower is now open to the public in the French capital. Credit - Twitter

THE coronavirus death toll in France has risen by 87 to 29,296 on Tuesday, which is the highest amount of fatalities since June 2, however, the figure has remained below 100 for the last week.

Daily confirmed coronavirus cases also increased by 403 to 154,591, which is much higher than the 211 on Monday and 343 on Sunday.

The number of those in hospital with the virus continued to decline and fell by 354 to 11,961, as the number of those in ICUs dropped to under 1,000 for the first time since March 19, down to 955.

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Since authorities lifted the lockdown on May 11, the hospital and fatality data have been on downward trends, but the number of new infections has continued at a few hundred per day.


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