Destroying works of art with facemasks the same as destroying the environment by throwing masks in the street

ANTISOCIAL ART: Facemasks on statues no different from facemasks on streets, credit: Almuñecar town hall

ALMUÑECAR town hall launched a campaign persuading the public not to throw used facemasks and gloves in the street.

And to do so, coinciding with World Environment Day, the Environment Department launched its “No to Antisocial Art” campaign by fixing masks to the town’s monuments and statues.

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“We wanted to draw attention to the situation by putting the masks on works of art created by a human being,” explained Environment councillor, Luis Aragon.

“In a way, we are destroying art,” he continued.  “Now human beings are doing the same with nature by throwing these items on streets and green spaces.”

Aragon went on to explain that human beings, the only species that creates art can – at its most negative – also destroy the “work of art that is nature.”




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