Congratulations to Prince Philip from Euro Weekly News as He Enters His Centennial Year

The official birthday photograph taken at Windsor Castle Credit: Royal Family Twitter

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh husband of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates his 99th birthday, today, June 10.

He was born into the Greek and Danish Royal Families but left Greece as an infant after his family was exiled.

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Five years older than the Queen, he appears to have taken an early shine to her after he met her in 1934 when she was just 13 and when he returned from active duty in the Second World War they courted and the couple were married in 1947.

As a Gemini, Prince Philip shows many typical traits of the Twins and can perhaps be a little blunt or even opinionated when involved in public speaking and has over the years been known to make more than a few unfortunate remarks.

He is now officially retired from Royal Duties and is generally considered to be in reasonable health now for a man of his age after several scares in the past five years.

It will be interesting to see whether the Queen will send him a congratulatory ‘telegram’ when he reaches 100.


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