Bendorm town hall defends the amount of aid for businesses and self-employed affected by lockdown

LOCKDOWN PAYMENTS: Benidorm aid based on Budget credit: Zarateman

LOURDES CASELLES, Benidorm town hall’s spokeswoman, defended the financial help that is being given to local businesses.

She was replying to a statement from the Ciudadanos party that likened Benidorm’s aid to “giving alms to the poor.”

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The amounts given were based on the municipal Budget and the number of registered businesses in Benidorm, Caselles said.

Businesses and shops that closed and the self-employed who could not work during lockdown will receive €1,000. Those who remained open or continued working but whose income fell by at least 40 per cent will receive €750.  There will also be €500 for those who have received municipal help for families.

These payments were compatible with the regional government’s amounts and similar to grants from town halls with bigger Budgets than Benidorm’s, Caselles pointed out.




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