Portugal’s nightclub owners in Lisbon demand to be allowed to reopen during protest rally

Busy bar before the virus in Lisbon's Bairro Alto, Credit:Pinterest

NIGHTCLUB owners in Lisbon have chastised the government’s silence in answer to their requests to reopen nightclubs and bars, pointing out that they too have families to fend for.

Their anger was conveyed by 200 nightclub and bar managers, mostly from the popular Bairro Alto, Estrela and Cais do Sodré neighbourhoods, who rallied in protest on Tuesday in front of parliament to claim the right to reopen.

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Brandishing posters emblazoned with slogans “We were the first to close, is there a better example?” and “Equality for all, nightlife is culture, too,” the march around the block in front of the parliament, began in silence and then broke into a round of applause.

The Portuguese government stated that there is no date for the reopening of these establishments and that they may stay closed throughout the summer, as a precautionary measure to prevent further spread of Covid-19.


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