Police step up rural patrols to protect farmers’ harvests in Albatera

SURVEILLANCE: Patrols have been increased in Albatera's rural areas. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Albatera

Police have stepped up rural patrols to protect farmers’ harvests in Albatera.

THE town’s Local Police have increased surveillance as farmers’ crops come into full harvest.

Councillor for Citizen Security, Ana Serna, said: “Our local police watch over the safety and care of our farmers’ crops throughout the year, especially during the season for figs and pomegranates, the two fruits with the highest production in our municipality.

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“This service is highly demanded by our farmers, who are grateful that our officers protect their products.”

She added the extra police service is expected to last until San Juan festival on June 23, after which it will be increased again at the beginning of the fig season and in October, during the pomegranate harvesting period.

The officers are working in collaboration with the Guardia Civil in Dolores and the Autonomous Police Unit based in Elche.

The reinforcement of the rural patrol has already prevented a theft on a local farm.

Officers received a call from a witness who had seen someone acting suspiciously in the area and when they arrived at the scene, they found a male carrying several bags of figs, ready to make his getaway.

Albatera has about 66 km of fields, most of which are cultivated.

The rural patrols have been in place since 1997, to prevent thefts from orchards as well as other crime in rural areas.

Officers reguarly check the identity of labourers, check the boxes of fruit to make sure they belong to right farmer or company and carry out preventive controls.


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