Paris prosecutor’s office opens an investigation into the management of the coronavirus crisis in France

Public prosecutor Rémy Heitz. Credit: Twitter

THE Paris public prosecutor’s office has received 62 complaints from individuals, unions and associations, concerning how the coronavirus crisis has been managed in France.
The objections highlight failings, such as endangering the lives of others, failure to assist those in danger, voluntary abstention from fighting a dangerous incident and more.
Other problems with face masks or protective clothing in the workplace are being reviewed by the public health department of the prosecutor’s office.
Public prosecutor Rémy Heitz has decided to begin a preliminary investigation into the (mis) management of the Coronavirus crisis.
“For this type of offence, he stresses, the Criminal Code clearly states that the responsibilities of decision-makers must be assessed in terms of the means and knowledge they had at the time of the decisions.”
The aim of the inquiry is to “establish the decision-making processes implemented during the health crisis in order to update any criminal offences likely to have been committed.”
“If there are criminal faults, they are very likely unintentional faults. However, the law sets precise conditions for establishing these crimes: it requires proof of a “qualified fault” which is not mere recklessness or negligence,” added Heitz.
However, it must be pointed out that the investigation will not include the Head of State or members of the government. Since the beginning of the health crisis, 55 different proceedings have been brought to this authority.


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