Lockdown de-escalation phase three positive step forward for Mallorca’s bars and restaurants sector says

ADVANCE: Mallorca’s hospitality association believes establishments will benefit from the free movement of people between the Balearic Islands CREDIT: Restauracion-Asociacion Mallorquina de Cafeterias, Bares y Restaurantes Facebook

MOVING into phase three of the lockdown de-escalation process is definitely a step forward for Mallorca’s bars, cafes and restaurants, the island’s hospitality sector association says.

In a press briefing on Monday to talk about the entry of the island into the third stage of the easing of restrictions and the problems the sector is currently facing due to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, CAEB Mallorca, Bars, Cafes and Restaurants Association president Alonso Robledo described it as “very positive” for wining and dining establishments.

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“It allows us to increase space, and above all, to open up the flow of people between islands and move the economy”, he commented.

Association vice-president Juan Miguel Ferrer echoed Robledo’s views, but added, “the best thing about phase three is that the responsibilities are going to be in the hands of the Balearic Island government.”

The vice-president maintained that the regional administration “has shown that it is very much on the side of the sector and perfectly understands what our needs are to be able to start up.”

One particular issue of concern for the association is the ERTE temporary suspensions of job contracts, and what Ferrer said is its ongoing uncertainty on flexibility and its continuity.


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