Guardia Civil Break Gang Alleged to have Committed 19 Burglaries in Spain’s Axarquia

Bringing the alleged burglars in for questioning Credit: Guardia Civil

AFTER an investigation that lasted several months, officers of the Guardia Civil based in Velez-Malaga have arrested 10 individuals who they believe had been robbing houses and restaurants in Axarquia.

Most of those arrested lived in the town of Alcaucín in Malaga Province and apart from selling much of what they had stolen, a number had kept the best pieces of furniture and installed them in their own premises.

In most cases, the alleged criminals drove up to properties when they were unattended and broke in, stealing anything they considered to be of value, but in one case, they impersonated police officers.


The owner of the property did not believe their story and managed to escape by climbing a wall, although he damaged his leg in the process.

In all, officers believe that those arrested were responsible for 19 separate break-ins and thefts.


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