France and Singapore agree to keep open flow of essential food supplies during COVID pandemic

Didier Guillaume, France's Minister of Agriculture and Food. Credit: Twitter

FRANCE and Singapore have come to an agreement that they will keep ongoing supply connections for essential food products during the current COVID pandemic.
The two countries confirmed their plan in a joint statement on Monday by Chan Chun Sing, Singapore’s Trade and Industry Minister and Didier Guillaume, France’s Minister of Agriculture and Food.

The statement announced that the ministers realise that it is in both of their best interests to ensure delivery links remain open for transport to allow the flow of food and agricultural products.
“The ministers will work with relevant service providers in respect of the air and sea freight needs for the supply of food and agricultural products under the framework of this joint statement,” said the statement.
Guillaume and Chan will also arrange partnerships between food companies, importers and distributors in both countries.
It was highlighted that economic relations have been made stronger by the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement brought into force at the end of last year.
“Beyond enhancing bilateral trade in agri-food products, there is much we can do with French partners in areas such as agri-food technology, food safety standards,” he said, adding that French agri-food exporters can also use Singapore as a platform to serve the rest of South-east Asia.


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