Charismatic 53-year-old Spanish Singer’s Fight Against Cancer Comes to an End

Pau Donés fronted Jarabe de Palo Credit: Twitter

PAU DONÉS singer with successful and influential Spanish band Jarabe de Palo, has died at the age of 53 following a long battle with cancer.

Born in Huesca, he spent most of his life in Barcelona and was diagnosed and treated in that city from 2015.

His family has praised the dedication to the oncology service of the Catalan hospitals and asked for “the utmost respect and privacy in these difficult times”.


Although he had dropped out of music in 2019, he was just returning and had a new single out with an album (the band’s 14th) to follow.

For 22 years he played with the band which represented the best in Latin Rock in Spain as it incorporated the local rumba with the tradition of flamenco.

The singer was very open about his illness and spoke out about cancer encouraging those who were under treatment to be positive and look at each day as being special.


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