Campaigners Successfully Get ‘Golliwog Head’ Removed from Pub in Derbyshire

Credit: Twitter

Campaigners have been successful in removing a sign likened to a ‘golliwog head’ at a pub in Derbyshire. 

A petition was created and backed by more than 28,000 people who requested that the caricature of a black man on the pub’s sign should be removed. The sign was above the 18th century Greenman pub in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

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Derbyshire Dales District responded on Monday by saying that they would remove the sign with ‘immediate effect.’ However, locals have since claimed that the removal of the sign was carried out in order to protect it and that it will eventually be restored to its original place.

Mark Redfern said: ‘The head will be restored while on the ground and returned to its position at a later date… local councillors were also there too. Saved by the people of Ashbourne.’

In a Facebook post, Mr. Redfern said the head would be given ‘a lick of black paint’ and claimed the move was to save it from vandalism.


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