Calls for ‘extreme caution’ after 59-year-old drowned in a pool at his home in Costa Blanca’s Alicante last night

SAX DROWNING: The deceased was pulled unconscious from a pool at his home. CREDIT: Pxfuel (file pic)

A 59-year-old drowned in a swimming pool at his home in Sax, Alicante last night.

AND today, the regional government has called for “extreme caution” when swimming this summer.

The Information and Coordination Centre of the Emergency Department (CICU), received a call around 11.20pm requesting help after a man had been pulled unconscious from a private pool.

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An SVB unit and a primary care doctor went to the scene, but could only confirm the man’s death.

A court post-mortem is expected to reveal the cause of death as drowning.

Healthcare calls for extreme precautions to prevent drowning this summer.

This morning, the Regional Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health, through the Health Emergency Service (SES), has warned of the need for “extreme caution” this summer to avoid deaths.

The advice to bathers and water sportspeople is to choose safe places to swim, with lifeguards.

In addition, they advise flags on the beach should be respected and bathing should be avoided if alcohol has been consumed.

SES director, Begoña Arcos, also warned against swimming immediately after meals.

She said that “digestion can influence the loss of consciousness or dizziness, which can lead to drowning.”

Likewise, “it is advisable that exercise during bathing is adapted to one’s physical condition and age, in order to avoid overexertion, especially in older adults,” and that children should be watched at all times.

Anyone who sees someone in trouble in the water should call 112 immediately, and start basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation until health services arrive.

SES reminded that drowning can lead to death, but can also have serious consequences such as lung damage or irreversible brain damage.





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