Washed Up Corpse with Hands and Feet Tied Up Appears on a Beach in Costa del Sol’s Malaga

Photo JohnBWilson_Flickr
Guadalhorce reservoir: The corpse was washed at the coast near the river Guadalhorce. Credit: Flickr.

National Police received a shocking call in which they were alerted to a washed-up corpse with its hands and feet tied up, which had appeared on the coast of Malaga near the Guadalhorce river mouth.

TODAY, at around 7.00am the National Police received a call informing them of a mysterious corpse which had been washed up on the beach. The body had cable ties which kept the corpse’s hands and feet firmly tied together.

This essential clue will help police rule out the notion that the individual’s death was an accident, however, it launches the investigation in a much more somber and dark direction.

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The police also confirmed that the body did not seem to show any signs of violence.

When informed of this morbid incident, the scientific and homicide unit of the police both fled to the scene to carry out an extensive analysis of the corpse and scene in hopes of finding any tell-tale clues.

A post-mortem is currently being carried out which police hope will illuminate more about the circumstances of this individual’s death.


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