Today both Barcelona and Madrid take their first steps into Phase 2, here is what they should expect

Barcelona moves into Phase 2 today.

WHILST the majority of Spain has already moved to Phase 3, places like Barcelona and Madrid take their first steps into Phase 2 and both the north and south of Costa Blanca have chosen to remain in Phase 2.

In Phase 2, restaurants and bars can now reopen their interior dining areas provided capacity is limited to 40 per cent. Terraces will continue at 50 per cent of capacity.

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Up to 15 people can now meet for social gatherings, but social distancing measures should still be respected between those who don’t live together.

Residents are allowed to move freely within their province, including to their second homes.

Shops and stores can open independently of their size, but with capacity limited to 40 per cent. Open-air markets are allowed with a third of normal stands.

Hotels and tourist accommodations can reopen their common areas, provided capacity is kept to 30 per cent.

Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and culture venues can reopen, with capacity limited to 30 per cent.

Shopping centres can open with capacity limited to 40 per cent within shops and 30 per cent in communal areas.

Casinos can open at 50 per cent capacity.

Open-air concerts are allowed, but the public must be seated, observing social distancing, with capacity at 30 per cent and limited to 400 people.

Swimming pools can open at 30 per cent capacity.

Places of worship can have 50 per cent capacity.

Funerals can take place with a limit of 25 people if outside, and 15 people in closed spaces.


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