Students partying on protected Galicia beach in Spain get away with cleaning up instead of paying a fine

SAFE: The students reportedly chose the unspoilt location as they thought there would be no risk of coronavirus infection there CREDIT: ID: ES1110008. Natura2000 entry, EEA entry Alejandro Vallejo Ortega

A BUNCH of students partying on a protected beach in Galicia in northern Spain got away with cleaning up after themselves rather than paying a fine.

The nearly 40 foreign university students living had gathered on Carnota beach in A Coruña on Thursday evening to drink and enjoy each other’s company in response to a call out on social media to get-together.

The multi-national youngsters reportedly chose the unspoilt location because they believed that there would be no risk of coronavirus infection there. But other beach-goers informed the police.


When officers arrived they found the students were at least divided into two groups, although given Galicia was still in lockdown de-escalation phase two last week, the maximum number for a group of people meeting outdoors was still 15. What’s more, the police explained to the partygoers, Carnota beach is protected by Red Natura, meaning gatherings of this kind are banned.

Rather than fine them all however, the police decided a better course of action was to get them to clean up their own rubbish off the sand and make sure they left the beach how they found it.


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