Spanish Police rule out murder after husband and wife found dead in Costa Blanca’s Alicante Province

NATURAL CAUSES: Police have, in principle, ruled out murder after husband and wife found dead. CREDIT: Guardia Civil (file photo)

Spanish police have ruled out murder in the case of a husband and wife found death at two different properties in Alicante Province on Saturday.

INVESTIGATING officers intitially suspected the couple, both Spanish and in their 70’s, had died as a result of murder and subsequent suicide after the woman’s body was discovered at one of their homes in San Juan, and her husband’s at their flat in El Campello.

But sources have informed Efe that, in principle, investigators have ruled out “an episode of male violence.”

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The woman is believed to have died of natural causes in the house where they both lived, in San Juan, and evidence indicates her husband hanged himself several days later at their second home in El Campello.

Investigators are waiting for the results of a post-mortem of the woman’s body.

The couple were found on Saturday after the husband was reported missing.

He was found first by police who then went to the second property where the woman was found, with no external signs of violence and had been dead for several days.


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