Spain’s Capital Madrid is Promoting Electric Bicycles and Scooters

Electric bicycles and scooters back in fashion Credit: Alex LA flickr

ON the Costa del Sol in locations such as Marbella and even Gibraltar there has been much comment about the nuisance caused by electric scooters which travel quietly at relatively high speeds in areas normally intended for pedestrians.

As Europe heads towards an all-electric vehicle world at some stage in the future, the Spanish government has published it Moves 2020 plan and with the reduction of pollution during lockdown, wants to support motorists and others to go electric.

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For several years, the streets of Madrid have been full of vehicles polluting the air with their internal combustion engines but now, the council there wants to encourage and help residents to turn to electric bicycles and scooters.

Prices are not exorbitant, protective clothing is advised and insurance for electric bicycles in particular is much more easily obtainable.

There are scales and balances to many relatively new concepts and with electric scooters in particular, riders have to be disciplined and be given guidelines of how and where they can ride.


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