Quick-thinking officers rescue woman trapped by blaze in La Mojonera home on Spain’s Costa Almeria

ACTION: Officers forced open a gate to get inside the property through the garage and get the 52-year old CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

QUICK-THINKING Guardia Civil officers rescued a woman trapped by a blaze at her home in La Mojonera.

A Guardia patrol rushed to the property when a member of the public alerted them that the 52-year-old’s house was in flames and she was unable to get out.

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They found the woman lying on the ground in the porch and locked in behind metal railings.

Acting as speedily as they could, the officers forced open a gate, and with the help of fire extinguishers to give them a way through, got inside the property though the garage and got her outside.

By this time in a state of shock, she was taken by ambulance to the Poniente hospital in El Ejido.

Firefighters from the Bomberos del Poniente service managed to completely extinguish the fire in the two-storey house.


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