Euro Weekly News political view and opinion from Spain: Take the power back

Juan Marin: VP of Junta de Andalucia Credit: Junta de Andalucia

Take the power back

UP until now, the different autonomous communities have been complaining that they have no power over the decisions made with regards to the lockdown and the de-escalation of the isolation period.

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Now that Phase 3 has been decreed in most areas it allows them to regulate what actions and measures can be taken. It also gives them the power to make the decision to leave Phase 3 whenever they want to.

However, now that they have what they have been pushing for they do not appear to be making any noticeable steps to do anything differently than the Spanish government were already doing.

On Monday morning, Juan Marin, the Vice President of Andalucia stated that the Junta fully intended to complete the 15 days in Phase 3 before going through to the next stage, the “New Normality”.

After the 15 days, the autonomous communities should then be able to make tweaks to whatever measures they see fit excluding allowing travel throughout Spain.

The kind of things this may include would be allowing shops back to maximum capacity but still enforcing the use of facemasks and social distancing.

The “New Normality” will then continue until they find a cure or vaccine for COVID-19.

Two years have now passed since the coming to power of Pedro Sanchez. What he has shown the people of Spain is that he is a natural survivor. He has the capability of taking anything that has thrown at him and making it into a positive.

Two years in which many unprecedented events in the parliamentary system have happened. Almost everything that has been happening on each day of this period could be classed as historical. From Congress knocking down the first Budgets of Sanchez to the celebration of two electoral appointments in the same year and creating a coalition government made up of two political forces, PSOE and Podemos and most importantly winning the first vote of no confidence in Spanish democratic history.

What more could be the highlight of a career than leading a country through one of the biggest health crisis´ that has ever been?

Surely this will be the peak of his career, it leaves us to wonder what will be Sanchez’ next win?


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