Beach Supervisors in Malaga’s Rincon de la Victoria Patrol Beaches to Ensure Compliance With Covid-19 Security Measures

Beach Supervisors: Rincon de la Victoria's beach supervisors patrol the coast. Source: Wikipedia

The beach supervisors in Rincon de la Victoria have already begun to patrol the beaches in order to ensure all residents are complying with the safety measures, enacted a result of the covid-19 health crisis.

This service will be carried out on a daily basis with a total of 10 supervisors distributed along the beaches of the municipality. The team also has a coordinator who is in direct contact with the town hall.

Their working hours will be from 12:00p.m. to 8:00p.m from June 5 to July 5 and they will be available from Monday to Sunday.

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The beach councillors informed them of the “important work that they must carry out” as their objective is to “inform and raise awareness amongst the population” about complying “with the regulations to minimise the risk of transmission in the beach and maritime areas”.


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