Americans are Drinking BLEACH to Prevent Catching the Coronavirus!!


A SHOCKING new study has claimed citizens in the USA are actually drinking or inhaling bleach in a desperate bid to fights off the deadly coronavirus.

Unbelievable but true: US President Donald Trump bizarrely suggested injections of disinfectants may be a potential treatment to prevent Covid-19 infection earlier this year. The US has now seen tragically high losses from Covid-19, at 2,006,84 infections, and 112,463 deaths.

The medical community reacted to President Donald Trump’s suggestion to inject disinfectant or bleach to cure the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) patients, emphasising that the idea could have fatal results.

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“This notion of injecting or ingesting any type of cleansing product into the body is irresponsible and it’s dangerous,” said Pulmonologist Dr Vin Gupta – “It’s a common method that people utilise when they want to kill themselves.”

The ‘Bleach’ Report

The study showed that 10 per cent of people said they had used a cleaning or disinfecting spray on their bodies, and 6 per cent reported inhaling the vapour from household cleaners or disinfectants.

“These practices pose a risk of severe tissue damage and corrosive injury and should be strictly avoided,” the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) researchers wrote in the report.

Meanwhile, John Balmes, a pulmonologist at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, warned that even breathing fumes from bleach could cause severe health problems.

“Inhaling chlorine bleach would be absolutely the worst thing for the lungs. The airway and lungs are not made to be exposed to even an aerosol of disinfectant, not even a low dilution of bleach or isopropyl alcohol is safe. It’s a totally ridiculous concept.”

Some limitations apply to the report, including the fact that it represents responses at just one point in time, so it “might not reflect ongoing shifts in public opinion or cleaning and disinfection practices by the public throughout the national Covid-19 response.”


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