Top Museums Across Spain & France Start to Reopen Doors to Public With Restrictions

The Prado Museum in Madrid reopened its doors to the public yesterday, on Saturday. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Top museums across Spain and France have started to open doors to the public albeit with restrictions, as both countries relax lockdown rules.

YESTERDAY (Saturday) Spain’s Prado museum, considered to be one of the most prestigious art museums in the world, reopened its doors to the public. Not only are fewer people now allowed entry to the museum to ensure social distancing can be maintained, but it’s also only displaying around a fifth of its paintings. Malaga’s Picasso Museum reopened last week, also limiting public capacity, as reported.

Visitor numbers have also been restricted at the recent opening of France’s Palace of Versailles to avoid crowds. France’s museum openings have been staggered, with one of the most famous museums in the country – The Louvre in Paris, which used to attract around 15,000 a day pre-pandemic, expected to open next month (on July 6).

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