Costa Blanca’s Valencia Asks Spain’s Central Government to Enter Phase 3 On June 15

Phase 3 begins today for 52 per cent of Spain. Photo: Shutterstock

Ximo Puig, the president of the Valencian Generalitat has announced that Costa Blanca’s Valencia has formally asked the central government to enter Phase 3 of Spain’s de-escalation plan on June 15.

Valencia has been rather prudent when looking to advance from one stage to another, however, if the epidemiological evolution of the virus is still favourable they hope to enter Phase 3 on June 15.

Puig has noted that residents have “returned to the streets, to businesses, to social gatherings” and other activities which have translated into “hope” rather than recurring “outbreaks” of coronavirus.

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According to the regional leader, Valencia shows positive signs in all aspects and the “presence of the virus is clearly recoiling”.

Over the past 5 days, the Valencian Community has not recorded any Covid-19 deaths and 87% of municipalities have not registered any new cases in the last two weeks.

Furthermore, a study conducted in Valencia regarding the presence of the coronavirus in residual water waste highlights that “the virus has practically disappeared”.

This positive evolution of the coronavirus reinforces their proposal to enter Phase 3, the last stage of the de-escalation plan, on June 15.

Given that the regional community has been so prudent in its proposals and measures, Ximo Puig hopes that this will contribute towards creating a reputation of “security, rigor, and prudence” as the process has been carried out with maximum security guarantees.

He hopes that this will give the region an added edge when attracting national and international tourists.


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