Andalucia President worried about allowing millions of North Africans to travel through Spain’s ports to get home for summer holidays

LARGE-SCALE: Some three million people cross between the Spanish mainland and North Africa every summer

ANDALUCIA President Juanma Moreno has raised concerns about allowing this year’s so-called ‘Crossing the Straits’ operation, when North Africans living in Spain and elsewhere in Europe go through Spanish ports to get back home for the summer holidays.

The Junta leader told Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in this morning’s videoconference meeting with all the regional government heads that due to the Covid-19 pandemic he does not feel this year’s operation should go ahead “since the circumstances are not ideal.”

CREDIT: Juanma Moreno Twitter @JuanMa_Moreno

According to Moreno, there are concerns about the comings and goings given the current health crisis and the lack of information about the impact of coronavirus in the countries of the Magreb.


The Prime Minister explained a working group made up of members of several ministries is looking at the issue. Also, that the national administration is talking to other European governments, and the Government of Morocco, about the matter.

Some three million people make the crossing between mid-June and mid-September every year, travelling to and from the Spanish mainland and North Africa through Algeciras, Tarifa, Malaga, Motril, Almeria, Alicante and Valencia.


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