WATCH: Three arrests in Costa Almeria brutal torture and murder case

RAIDS: The Guardia searched properties in El Ejido, Roquetas de Mar and Almeria city. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Gabinete de Prensa

GUARDIA Civil have made three arrests for the brutal murder of a man in El Ejido last December in what looks to have been related to money from drug trafficking.

The victim had been held his against his will for 28 hours and injured and tortured with a knife until he died, the Guardia reported.


The unidentified body showing evident signs of violence was discovered on a country lane in the Santa Maria del Aguilas area in December 5.

Evidence gathered at the scene at the time was later to prove crucial in establishing what had happened and who was behind the murder.

Investigators were able to identify the victim, his time of death, how long he had been held and what he had been subjected to. The results from laboratory tests and numerous Guardia interventions narrowed the search for the suspects.

CREDIT: Guardia Civil Gabinete de Prensa

Raids were carried out on homes in Almeria city, Roquetas de Mar and El Ejido. Officers found proof linking the detainees with the crime. They also seized marijuana, materials for weighing, packaging and selling illegal substances, a 12-calibre shotgun reported stolen from Vicar, knives, mobiles and a top-of-the-range vehicle during the operation, adding drug trafficking, illegal ownership of arms and illegal detention to the charges against the three.

CREDIT: Guardia Civil Gabinete de Prensa

The Guardia said it all pointed to the motive for the murder having been the destination of a large amount of cash from selling drugs.


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