Three arrests and 40 investigated after Spanish police shut down illegal cockfighting venue

ILLEGAL COCKFIGHTING: Police shut down the venue and rescue the animals. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

An illegal cockfighting and gambling venue in Spain’s Caceres has been shut down by the Guardia Civil, with three arrests and 40 people under investigation.

ACCORDING to the police, up to 80 people from across the country had gathered at the farm where the cockfights were held, “in violation of the health and safety measures established by the State of Alarm”.

In a statement, the Guardia Civil said the 40 are being investigated for animal abuse and “the clandestine celebration of cockfights, in a place built for this purpose”, together with illegal betting activities.

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During the operation, officers rescued 44 roosters, 16 of whch had serious injuries while another died as a result of its wounds.

The cockfights took place in enclosures and huts which police said had been badly built using “waste materials” that lacked any health and safety.

Between 60 and 80 people – including children – attended the fights on a regular basis, travelling from different parts of Madrid, Toledo and Valladolid.

Bets were placed by owners of the birds, spectators and fight organisers as the animals were pitted against each other.

The Guardia Civil added: “The intense conditions and atmosphere generated by the presence of public causes a great aggressiveness between the birds.

“The fights finish for most of them with serious wounds and the loss of vision or death.

“To increase this aggressiveness, the crests were amputated and substances were administered to aggravate their violent nature and their willingness to fight.”

All of those arrested or under investigation have also been denounced for violating the Royal Decree for State of Alarm, for making unauthorised trips outside the respective provincial boundaries, for not wearing masks and flouting social distancing measures.



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