Suspected burglar’s DNA links him to rape in Spain’s Valencia in 2011

DNA: Police link suspected burlgar with a rape in 2011. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

A 54-year-old man has been arrested in Valencia in connection with a rape in 2011 thanks to a DNA sample taken from him during an investigation for a burglary which occurred in 2018.

THE rape took place in the early hours of September 28, 2011, in the Maritim area of Valencia, after the suspect approached began talking to a woman aged 18.

National Police confirmed it was a cold night and the attacker left briefly and returned with a jacket for the young woman.

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He then grabbed her by force and took her to a nearby abandoned warehouse where he forced her to perform oral sex and raped her.

The victim managed to push him off and run away naked, before being helped by a National Police trainee who was passing at the time.

The victim was taken to hospital where DNA samples were taken. Investigating officers did the same at the scene.

Seven years later, in February 2018, a man who was 52 at the time was arrested in connection with a burglary, and a DNA sample was taken.

Only recently, the genetic profile of this person has been presented to National Police, which matched the samples taken from the earlier sexual assualt.

After a lengthy search, officers located and arrested the suspect in the same warehouse the rape took place and he appears to have been living.

The detainee, who has a police record, awaits a court hearing.


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