Spain’s police arrest woman in Valencia for literally biting her ex’s ear off

A 20-year-old woman has been detained by the Policia Nacional in Valencia for allegedly biting off part of her former partner's ear. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

The Policia Nacional in Valencia have detained a 20-year-old woman for allegedly biting off part of her ex-boyfriend’s ear.

ACCORDING to Valencia’s head of police, the incident took place this week (on June 2), when the woman tried to enter the property that she had shared with her former partner without his consent. During the confrontation, the woman is reported to have literally bitten off part of her ex’s ear as she tried to force her way into the property.

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Immediately after the incident, the 25-year-old victim called emergency services and was transferred to a local hospital, where he received 22 stitches on his injured ear. The woman in question was later arrested on Thursday (June 4) and charged for causing serious injury.


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