UK’s luxury car manufacturer Bentley set to announce 1,000 job cuts

Luxury car manufacturer Bentley to announce around 1,000 redundancies. Photo: Shutterstock

Bentley, the UK’s luxury car manufacturer, is expected to make around a quarter of its Crew staff redundant, totalling around 1,000 employees.

THE Volkswagen-owned company is expected to make an official announcement later today (Friday). The luxury car company is reported to have furloughed around a quarter of its staff, with a quarter now working from home.

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Although the company struggled to be profitable in recent years, global sales actually increased by 5 per cent last year. However, the coronavirus crisis has hit demand for new cars, which has seen new car sales plummet across the board in recent weeks.

Bentley’s Crew factory recently restarted production, but with just half of the number of usual staff. Other luxury and non-luxury car manufacturers and dealerships are also struggling with sales of new cars, which has hit production lines hard. Aston Martin, for example, also announced around 500 redundancies just yesterday (Thursday), following redundancies at McLaren and Renault in recent weeks.


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