Readers letters: Euro Weekly readers opinions from the UK and Spain

A show of gratitude and a job well done.

Personal thanks

Dear Euro Weekly,
May I through the good offices of your newspaper, take this opportunity to offer my personal thanks to the Lady Mayoress of Águilas, Miss Maria Del Carmen Moreno, for the decisive and efficient action she took to implement the Lockdown. In my opinion, the Chiefs of Police in both the Local Police and Guardia Civil are to be congratulated on the way both forces are carrying out their duties:  firm, but friendly, from my limited observations.
Lastly, the residents of Águilas, who I also observed fleetingly.  They appeared to be acting very responsibly and positively, to the Lockdown and are to be commended for this.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr A Atherton


Clear and sensible

Dear Euro Weekly News,
I AM a British ex-pat who has lived in Spain for many years. During the Coronavirus pandemic, I have been very impressed by the Spanish Governments reaction and lockdown rules that have been employed and the clear and sensible relaxations that are being made now as and when safe to do so. The Spanish residents have all acted in a sensible and law-abiding way too. Contrast this to the shambolic way that Boris Johnson and the British Government have reacted and it makes me truly ashamed to be British.
The British Government is going against a lot of the scientific advice that is being given at the moment and are relaxing the lockdown regulations while the infection and death rate is still too high. There are also a large number of people ignoring the social distancing rules and regulations and it is like a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode into a new and deadly spike of infections.
The most worrying point at the moment is if Spain goes ahead as planned to open up to tourism, will there be checks in place on all those coming into the country especially from places like the UK?  Will the tourists be policed in the strict manner needed?
Tourism is very important to the Spanish economy I just hope that the resumption is done slowly and carefully so that the country doesn’t get a second spike in infections causing unnecessary pain, death and suffering.

Kind regards
Tony Wiggins

Leftie, rightie, Leapy

Dear Leapy Lee
Why do you call anyone who dares to criticize the current Tory government a ‘leftie’? Surely, in a democracy, anyone has the right, whatever their political leanings, to criticize their government if they feel it has made mistakes. In the current Coronavirus crisis the UK government has left a lot to be desired in their response yet you are prepared to excuse them by saying they have found themselves in an unprecedented situation but it is an unprecedented situation for ALL governments of the world and many have tackled it much better. Also, in the light of the Dominic Cummings debacle, more than 50 of the prime minister’s own MP’s have criticized his response not to mention thousands of others. Are these all ‘lefties’? Obviously not.
Come on Leapy Lee, look at the wider picture and be prepared to snap out of your blinkered right-wing views. Maybe, one day, it might dawn on you that Boris Johnson is totally out of his depth and is a shoddy excuse for a prime minister who tells blatant lies just like his counterpart in America.

Alan Murray


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