Health and Beauty news: Creating your home gym with household items

Stuck inside: There are many household items you can use to exercise. Credit: Shutterstock

Home gym

WITH many of us having being stuck behind closed doors for a while and sports equipment shops and gyms closed we need to find a way of getting summer body fit. There are many household items you already have that you can use as makeshift weights or exercise aids.

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How about filling two water bottles the same size with sand from the beach, pebbles or plain old dirt. The weight will then allow them to be used as dumbells so you can crack on with sculpting your guns.

A towel or t-shirt can be used as a resistance band if tied in a loop allowing it to be used for your arm and leg workouts.

Get climbing those stairs for some cardio or to feel the burn add some food cans to a backpack whilst you do it.

If you have a rope long enough you should get skipping for a full-body workout.


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