Spain’s Costa del Sol hopeful of Phase 3 access on June 8 as Malaga registers zero Covid-19 deaths for 4th consecutive day

Andalucia's Covid-19 outbreaks could hurt Costa del Sol tourism if not controlled. CREDIT: Pixabay

Spain’s Costa del Sol is optimistic about securing access to Phase 3 of de-escalation on Monday June 8 with the other provinces in the region as it has registered zero Covid-19 fatalities for the fourth consecutive day.

FURTHERMORE, there have been no hospitalisations or patients needing intensive care treatment in the last four days. The total number of Covid-19 fatalities in the province of Malaga remains at 287. Right now only 17 people are hospitalised as a result of the disease, of which four are in intensive care.

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In addition, only a handful of new cases (five) have been diagnosed positive by a PCR test in the last 24 hours, according to local health authority statistics. The total number of positive cases in the province has reached 2,806, but double the number of people are reported to be recovering from the disease, compared to those contracting it. All these statistics point to the fact that Malaga and the Costa del Sol have successfully contained the disease, and why the Junta of Andalucia is hopeful that the Ministry of Health will allow the whole region to progress to Phase 3 of de-escalation as a block on Monday June 8.


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