Premier League Allows Five Substitutes and Nine Players on Bench for Rest of Season Due to Injury Fears

Emile Heskey still closely involved in football Credit: Facebook

JUST last week, former England striker Emile Heskey suggested that when the Premier League season restarts in the UK that teams should be allowed up to five substitutes due to risk of injury following the long lay-off from training.

This has now been approved by the Premier League shareholders at their latest meeting and they have also confirmed that teams may have nine players on the substitutes bench rather than the usual seven.

Another sensible reason is that with the remaining 10 (or in four cases 11) matches still to be played by each team in a relatively short space of time, there is an additional risk of injury on field or off due to the number of matches to be played.


Followers of the ‘beautiful game’ will be pleased to know that 33 of the 92 games to be played from June 17 will be free to air as Amazon has confirmed that its four remaining matches will be free to watch.


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