No cooling off in Almanzora Valley public swimming pools for expats on Spain’s Costa Almeria this summer

SKINNY DIPPING: No bathing suit at this pool in Spain's capital CREDIT: – Circe Denyer

THERE will be no cooling off in many of the Almanzora Valley’s public swimming pools this summer as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis.

The association representing the councils for 22 of the region’s localities reported that they had agreed not to open their municipal pools for the summer months.

“It will not be possible to guarantee users’ health due to the restrictions on capacity,” which is limited to 30 per cent, and due to the “complexity” of being able to comply with the established safety and disinfection measures,” the Mancomunidad de Municipios del Valle del Almanzora said.


Association president Antonio Ramon Salas explained it has been a decision backed by all the local authorities for reasons of “responsibility and to guarantee the health and safety of all citizens.”

He added, “for us the health and safety of our residents takes precedence over opening the pools.

“We believe it is a difficult decision, but it is the most correct and sensible one.

“Residents will understand because it is a health problem, and in these times health must come before everything because we do not want to run the minimum risk.”

The municipalities which are members of the association are Albanchez, Alcontar, Armuña de Almanzora, Bacares, Bayarque, Cantoria, Cobdar, Chercos, Fines, Laroya, Lijar, Lucar, Macael, Olula del Rio, Oria, Seron, Sierro, Somontin, Sufli, Tijola, Urracal and Zurgena.

According to Spanish press reports, it is likely that the Albox and Arboleas municipal pools will also stay shut this summer season.


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