Criminal Gang Preying on Members of other Gangs Arrested in Madrid after Street Chase

Some of the ID found Credit: National Police/Guardia Civil

WORKING in collaboration, the Guardia Civil and National Police have arrested a gang consisting of eight men who specialised in impersonating police and robbing other criminal organisations.

The joint investigation started last year when a Colombian individual was stopped by a group claiming to be police officers who violently robbed the man.

Officers soon discovered two similar violent attacks in Madrid and identified the group which consisted of Spanish, Colombian, French and Venezuelan individuals and concluded that they were very well-equipped which allowed them to impersonate officers.


When a raid went ahead at their warehouse and homes, two of the men tried to escape and were chased through the streets of Madrid, placing civilians in danger, ramming several cars and injuring an officer.

Items seized included uniforms, badges, firearms, ammunition, handcuffs and various tools.

The members of the gang have been charged with a string of offences including robbery with violence, illegal detention, impersonating police, possession of illegal weapons and attacking a police officer.



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