Bar brawl on Spain’s Costa Almeria ends in injuries and arrests

DISAGREEMENT: An individual got into an argument with the bar owner and his sons CREDIT: Guardia Civil

A BAR brawl in El Ejido ended with injuries and arrests.

Several Guardia Civil and USECIA Citizen Safety Unit patrols, along with Local Police, sped to the establishment in the Norias de Daza area after a call came through reporting a fight involving a bunch of individuals.

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The officers found one person on the floor with various injuries to their head, back and limbs, some of which were stab wounds requiring urgent medical assistance.

It turned out they had got into an argument with the bar owner and his two sons. Officers identified the trio, all of whom had also got hurt in the altercation.

The Guardia said the incident resulted in the detention of the father and sons, who all had police records, and a fourth individual on assault charges.


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