Two Protected Monkeys Stolen and then Found At Bus Stop in Madrid Spain

Two primates who didn't want to leave Madrid Credit:Guardia Civil

IN May, the Rainfer Primate Rescue Centre in Madrid was broken into and two female primates of the order Cercopithecus Petaurista (Spot-nosed monkey) with an estimated black-market value of €20,000 were stolen by a criminal climbing over a fence and breaking into a building.

A few days later, they were discovered at an abandoned bus stop located on the Torrelaguna road and were returned to the rescue centre.

Seprona, the wildlife arm of the Guardia Civil managed to identify a Romanian and investigated two other Romanians (male and female) eventually charging all three with species trafficking, receiving and possible animal abuse.


The monkeys which are native to Africa and are considered protected under the international CITES agreement are now recovering from their ordeal.


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