Rochdale farm fire devastates Costa del Sol animal lover as two horses die in rescue attempt

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Several farm animals have died following a fire in Littleborough near Rochdale in the UK causing Costa del Sol upset to expat.

MANCHESTER Fire and Rescue Service and the West Yorkshire Service hastily sped to the scene, located at Slack Farm at Higher Calderbrook Road.

The emergency services rescued a collection of animals although three horses and two pigs sadly died during the blaze. The emergency fire services, deployed fire fighting pumps from Littleborough, Rochdale, Hollins and Chadderton.

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In a statement, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service said: “West Yorkshire Fire Service have completed an outer survey of the incident and confirmed that the fire has not spread beyond the property affected.
“The incident caused a lot of smoke and we advised members of the public in the vicinity to close their windows and doors and stay away from the area.”

Sorrel Williams originally from Rochdale an avid animal lover, especially horses, now living on Spain’s Costa del Sol told how the news devastated her and how she found out the sad news: “My mother still lives up the road where she still keeps horses, she said the air quickly filled with blooms of smoke and within minutes sirens were blaring out as the police raced to the scene followed quickly by several fire engines. Unfortunately, she says the animals that died suffered smoke inhalation and couldn’t be saved, it’s devastating news to receive as when I visit home I would often go and see the horses when in the fields, they were such lovely horses, I’ve cried all morning and so has mum.”



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