WATCH: 200 People Irresponsibly Partying at a Sunset Drum Party on The Beach In Spain’s Ibiza

Around 200 people, although some sources confirm there were around 500, have been caught irresponsibly partying at a sunset drum party on the island of Ibiza. The party took place at the Benirras beach in the municipality of Sant Joan.

AS pictured in the video, participants can be seen not abiding to the safety distances required by the government to prevent the transmission of the virus and increase the safety of residents.

Most of the partygoers are all stood closely together around the same corner of the beach next to the drums. In order to prevent the party from escalating and attracting more people, the Guardia Civil chose to close the entry points.

Several sources confirmed that the beach was not vacated as a precaution, as the police feared that there were too many people, and this could produce a sanitary problem if they all tried to flee.


According to witnesses at the scene, the rhythm of the drums beating stopped when police cut off the access points off, however, there were still several people at the beach and slowly but surely they went home at their own pace.


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