MOFTAG stayed in touch with its members at home and abroad throughout the restrictions of lockdown

MASKED COMMITTEE: Anita Becker, Barbara Anderson, Jenny Godfrey, Eileen Brain and Molly Lambie credit: MOFTAG

THE Moftag Club of Calpe has maintained contact with its 49 members throughout the Coronavirus lockdown.

Even though there were no weekly meetings and social events, Moftag’s seven-member committee took a different group of members each week, phoning to see if they needed anything and generally just cheering them up and lifting their spirits.

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Members as far afield as Australia, France, Scotland, Wales and England received voice messages via WhatsApp or emails, keeping them in touch with their friends in Calpe.

Moftag was also able to donate 100 Mas y Mas food vouchers, each for €10, for Caritas to give to needy people in Calpe.

Now that restrictions have been eased slightly, the committee is thinking of organising small groups to meet for coffee each week, to keep members in touch and to promote the friendship that Moftag encourages.

Readers who would like to know more about Moftag – an acronym for Mighty Oaks from Tiny Acorns Grow – should contact the president Jenny Godfrey on 639 139 518.





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